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Christine Peters is a jeweler, designer, and fidgeter, who always has her hands busy. Lover of chocolate, books, animals, and Maine in the fall. Trained sculptor. Independent woman, daughter, sister, friend, and maker and doer of all things artsy.

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Next Show: ArtFull Gifts at Point Lookout

Christine Peters

Here we are--the middle of November and my next show is here. I'm getting ready to head to Lincolnville to set up for the ArtFull Gifts Show tomorrow. This is my third year exhibiting at this venue. It'll be great to see familiar faces of clients and artists alike. I'll have a bunch of new work for sale including 4 new cuff bracelets. Hope you stop on by!


Reticulated silver cuff bracelet with 5 blue sapphires.

What I've been up to--finishing commissions


I started into the winter with a number of jewelry projects to be designed and then created. Slowly, I've been ticking away at the list and here are photos of some of the finished projects.

This pendant was made with vintage jade buttons that were carved and suggested butterfly wings. the client and I came up with a butterfly inspired pendant set upon reticulated silver and baubles--touches of 18k gold.

Reticulated silver earrings with 4mm diamonds that are tube set in fine silver. The lower disc swings on the Inspired by a pair the client purchased a couple years ago and wears every day.

This cuff was inspired by one in inventory but added several little diamonds that were from the client's own ring--she didn't wear it anymore and thought let's use them in something else. 

This ring is 18k gold and silver with carnelian and lapis lazuli stones. The colors were chosen to correspond to an antique Navajo bracelet.

A lot more work is coming out of the studio. Will write again soon!

Rings -- Back at it!


Rings -- they've been a calling. It's been a while since I wrote and I've been mostly processing and struggling through the days in the studio. While I've been working and creating through it all, finally I feel I have broken through the void and back toward inspiration.

I started with a visit to one of my local wholesale accounts to check in and see if there was anything in particular she might want for the upcoming season. We chatted and caught up and I saw what was left for my stock (only a few things--yeah!) and got feedback for what people reacted to. I felt awakened and alive again and ready to jump in creating--starting with rings. Rings of all sizes and shapes, but with a focus on interesting stone centerpieces.

Here's where I started:

This is a square mahogany obsidian stone set in fine silver. The rest of the ring is sterling silver and the face is oxidized. I love it!

Next up:

a soft triangle dalmatian jasper stone also set in fine silver. The ring is sterling silver with shiny balled dots of silver around the face. I thought about oxidizing it like the first, but have kept it polished so far.

Saturday I picked out a large oval fossilized dinosaur bone stone and a Norwegian emerald pearl stone to work with. Both are unique and offer completely different looks.

The dinosaur bone (pictured in the left ring) is a substantially sized stone, so I added larger, flattened balls to help balance the scale. The shiny finish offsets the reddish brown textured surface--very cool.

The Norwegian emerald pearl ring on the right has balls and circle embellishments. I've cut through the circles and I like the way the negative space shows through. It's an idea worth exploring further. I chose to partially oxidize the face, but have cleaned away a lot of it to offset the accents.

Four new rings--all different, but work as a nice grouping. Not bad for a weekend's work! Hope to keep the momentum going!

Mother of the Groom Necklace--A Summer Project


This commission started with a phone call--a woman wanted to have a special necklace made for her to wear at her son's September wedding.  She found me and my jewelry online, liked what she saw, and gave me a call.  We set up a studio visit to discuss design thoughts and ideas.  We met in July and quickly figured out the colors, stones, and basic design--blue lapis lazuli alongside reticulated silver.  I drew up a few sketches and this is what was proposed and approved. 

Here are the beads and stones I found to use for the actual piece. I had never made a reticulated necklace that was half beaded, so I was looking forward to seeing the results.

The frontispiece started--silver rectangles reticulated and bezels and squiggles placed.

Next the silver ball accents and the articulated joinery.

The stones are bezel set in fine silver and the whole piece is getting laid out for stringing.

The full layout of lapis beads with the reticulated silver, hollow lentil shape beads I created.

And after the initial stringing, it was time to try on the necklace for length...I emailed this photo to J. and she loved it!  Upon her next visit north, she came with her wedding clothes and we tried it all on.  The necklace being an elegant accessory to make her simply classic outfit shine.

The length was almost perfect, but we decided on one minor design change--we added a chain closure for adjustable lengths allowing more versatility for wearing after the wedding.  Simply striking!

Thank you for allowing me be a part of this beautiful collaboration and special event!  It was a pleasure to work with you!

And after the wedding, in her words:

     "I'm wearing my necklace tonight, two weeks after our son's wedding at ....  The wedding couldn't have gone any better and I received many compliments on my "bling" , as one friend termed it, made specially for the event.

     Thanks again for all of your help. I shall enjoy my wedding necklace for many years to come."