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Christine Peters is a jeweler, designer, and fidgeter, who always has her hands busy. Lover of chocolate, books, animals, and Maine in the fall. Trained sculptor. Independent woman, daughter, sister, friend, and maker and doer of all things artsy.

Late July Update

Christine Peters

I'm half way done with chemo--Yay!!! This second dose hit me about the same as the first, intense fatigue and sleep, taste issues, and itchy breakout skin. But truly all manageable. It still seems so surreal that I have cancer. Until of course I look in the mirror and recognize it's me looking back, with very little hair, but the same strength and smile shines through as before. 

My journey and decision making continues--I had a visit with the radiation oncologist and the full picture of the next step is still coming through. It's been strongly recommended to me to have radiation treatment after chemo. And after processing the information, I have to agree that it is in my best interest to do all I can in my power to prevent future recurrence. So after my chemo infusions finish at the end of August and I recover to the end of September, I will then start a 5 1/2 week radiation treatment, 5 days a week. 

I am realizing that 2017 is my year of treatment and healing. I'm doing all I can to maintain the best health and positive attitude. And most of you know, I am forever positive! I continue to walk as much as I can and enjoy the beauty all around me. A little nomalcy goes a long way!

My support group of family and friends and doctors holds me high and all the love and support I receive from clients buying my jewelry fills we with joy, that I can share my love and passion with you. I welcome your hellos and words of inspiration and positivity.

I got the thumbs up to work as I feel well. And just sitting in my studio soaking up the energy in there makes me feel better. It will be slow, but new work will be coming, new ideas are never ending. 

Thank you, thank you for your continued support and love!

xoxo, Christine