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Christine Peters is a jeweler, designer, and fidgeter, who always has her hands busy. Lover of chocolate, books, animals, and Maine in the fall. Trained sculptor. Independent woman, daughter, sister, friend, and maker and doer of all things artsy.

Leaping into a new year

Christine Peters

Hard to believe it's 2015! But boy am I ready for it! I'm leaping and believing (hoping) the net will appear. So much is new—it’s what this year is all about—new beginnings, new perspectives, new experiences. This is definitely a new place for me--putting fear and worry aside and believing in myself--and my jewelry. Good things will happen. Just have to remember that worry is a waste of time and life is too short to be afraid to live. 

With the New Year, I’m going to start writing regularly on the blog. I’ve missed the connection, showing new pieces and processes. I hope you will follow my journey.

Always up for a challenge, I continue to apply to new venues and hope that I will have some success. It’s not easy to get the jewelry out in front of a new audience, but I’m very lucky to have been accepted into a new group of shows this spring—Sugarloaf Craft Festivals—and the first one is in Chantilly, Virginia on the last weekend of January. So, with this surprisingly early show, I’m dedicated to creating an inspired body of new work to lead me down a new road. Lots of new things are coming this way. Just watch and see!

silver flower ring oxidized